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From my early teens till my early thirties I have been struggling with maintaining healthy weight, trying to develop healthy eating habits and failing to exercise regularly. I have also struggled with low self esteem, and like almost every woman out there, my body image was my big weakness. Finally I decided to make a change and decided to sign up for personal training sessions with Nicholas.

From the very first meeting I knew this guy is like no other trainer I have met before or worked out with. He instantly jumped into our first session with energy, enthusiasm and determination I have never seen before. He challenged me from day one proving to me time after time that my limits lie much further than I would have ever imagined. He pushed me harder than I have ever pushed myself at the same time making me laugh, inventing new routines for every meeting, helping me adjust my form and constantly keeping things interesting, fun and at high energy level. Along with exercises Nick always talked to me about food, workout routines and lifestyle change I was going through..

Before I noticed I became one of the “healthy people” I have always laughed at but secretly envied. I couldn’t go longer than two days without exercising, I felt better than I have ever felt before, I stopped getting sick, and my mood and energy levels improved noticeably. My weight dropped slowly, but consistently and is still dropping. My body looks and feels much better, and since my first session with Nick I have successfully completed 3 sprint-triathlon races – an athletic achievement I would have never picked up without Nick’s constant support, cheering me on, and helping me achieve my physical best..

I struggle for words to describe tremendous positive impact that Nick has had on my life. Thanks to him I have become a better, healthier, happier version of myself. His passion for fitness is apparent in his every action, and his enthusiasm is contagious. His personality allows him to get along well with a variety of personality types and to find a key to motivate everyone he meets. He does what he loves and does it with passion and commitment that are visible, infectious and impressive..

Barbara Myslik

I would like to take a moment to say Thank you for everything you have done for my family and I. You have done so much to motivate me and show me how to live a healthy, positve and ACTIVE lifestyle. You have helped me become a stronger person, both physically and mentally. You have taught me that by pushing myself I can do things that I never believed I could have ever done and for that I cannot thank you enough! Thank you for being such a great trainer, coach and friend.

Shane Crone

A little over a year ago, at the age of 54, I decided I needed to start a regular fitness program but I was scared. Nick changed my fear into “I can do it.” I began with personal training sessions with Nick and within one month I felt like a different person. I had more energy and more confidence in myself. I started to believe that anything is possible. All because of Nick’s “can do” attitude and believing in me.

He asked me to join his tri-TRAINed program and that’s all I needed. After three triathlons and placing 4th place in my age group, I realized that anyone can accomplish their goals no matter your age. Because of Nick’s positive attitude, commitment, sense of humor and simply caring about you as a person, I was able to go beyond what I thought I could ever do!

Nick has changed my life and I will always be grateful. I will never stop exercising because Nick makes exercise fun! I count my blessings that I met Nick and I look forward to continuing my journey with him. Thank you,

--Kathleen Harbaugh

Nick is truly an amazing trainer and person. When I first met Nick, I weighed over 300 pounds and had never done any physical activity. Nick was patient and kind and taught me fitness fundamentals. Today, I still struggle with my weight, but weigh about 100 pounds less and am continually motivated to keep up with my physical activity. Nick pushed me to stick with it and took me from not being able to walk more than 20 minutes on a treadmill, to completing a sprint triathlon. Nick helped me change my eating habits, become aware of my inner strengths and instilled a sense of accomplishment in me. Nick is a tough trainer, but whips you into shape in a way that is fun and makes you feel great after a session. The effects of training with Nick and the improved body that came with it have enhanced every aspect of my life, I can't recommend Nick highly enough.

--Elissa Denker

When a colleague suggested that I consider participating in a triathlon I thought she was crazy – I’m 52 years old! I had been an on-again, off again runner but a triathlon seemed daunting. Then she introduced me to Nick Walejeski. He gave me the confidence I needed to compete. He has developed a training regimen that virtually guarantees success. His tri-TRAINed program fully prepared me for the challenge - both physically and mentally. His encouragement, enthusiasm and positive attitude kept me going when I didn’t think I could. The sense of accomplishment I felt after completing my first triathlon is something I will never forget. I’m hooked!

--Beth Floyd

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