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Our multi-faceted training programs are designed to challenge your current mental and physical abilities. We have life changing programs that develop a stronger sense of self and an increased level of conditioning. Below are our offered programs.

Indoor Boot Camp

We offer 2-4 person indoor boot camps where we focus on high intense total-body circuit training. It is a great way to maximize calorie expenditure and fun! Groups meet 2-3 times a week and use various opposing muscle groups on specific days to avoid over training while maintaining consistency. Progress is measured through specific tools to ensure avoidance of plateaus.

Outdoor Boot Camp

We offer Outdoor Boot Camps out of El Macero Country Club once a week. Classes meet Friday mornings at 8:45am and last until 10am. This is a high intensity class that uses many different types of total body conditioning equipment. From tractor tire to resistance bands, we are sure to get that heart rate pumpin!

triTRAINed Triathlon Training

We offer an extensive triathlon-training program that teaches you how to swim, bike, run and transition like a true triathlete. Training is broken into 6-8 week sessions that meet 3 times a week out of our host facility El Macero Country Club and are geared for specific events. We have a wide range of athletes from first timers to top 3 podium placers. We encourage all levels of fitness to "get in where you fit in". Great way to meet new people and get in shape.

Personal Training Program

We also offer personal training programs designed for a wider range of goals. Increase muscle, decreased body fat, increased cardiovascular conditioning, increased mobility and flexibility, etc. This one on one or small group personal training is designed to transform your being from the outside in.